Creating an effective setting

Hey M’lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk to you about creating effective setting in your writing.

Setting is so incredibly important when it comes writing a story because it can really draw the reader in. However, it has to be done right or it can completely ruin it.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘why is this relevant to my story?’ because a setting should always serve a purpose. For example, a characters bedroom should tell us something about them or where they live should tell us something about their upbringing. Is your character part of a specific culture? Can the setting be used to tell us more about that culture?

If it adds nothing, then it doesn’t need to be there.

Include the 5 senses. Our senses are the most powerful tools and all serve a very important purpose. If we lose one sense, the others heighten which goes to show how key they are to human survival. Using the senses creates a strong visual image in the readers mind and pulls them in.

Use pathetic fallecy to aid the setting. It’s all well and good having a creepy house at the end of the street or a beach, but the weather will help the setting to serve its purpose. A dark stormy night will make a creepy house a lot scarier than a sunny day. But remember, it’s okay to do the unexpected and juxtapose the two as well.

I hope you guys have found this useful and I’m sorry it’s short but I didn’t want to make it a long and boring read. Please let me know any ideas or feedback you have in the comments below.



It takes some getting used to,
This adulting thing.
Or so I hear.

From pocket money,
To hard earned cash.
Don’t worry, you’re saving some for later.
From grotesque canteen … whatever the hell that was,
To your homemade ‘gourmet’ chicken.
two pounds for six in Iceland, half hour in the oven.
From drinking and dancing until dawn,
To ‘goodnight love’.
It’s already 10pm, best be getting to bed.
From sneaking through the back door,
To staring at the clock.
‘I told you to be back by 8!’

From being nagged to do the dishes,
To not having a bloody choice.
Well the dish fairy isn’t going to do them. Is she?
From the excitement of the break bell,
To lunch on the go.
The bench in the nursing home yard.
It takes some getting used to,
This adulting thing.
But don’t worry,
You’ll get there eventually.
Blogger of the week

Blogger of the week.

Hey m’lovelies,

So it’s that time of the week where I give a shout to one of my fellow bloggers and this week it is wonderful ‘Brittany the book guru‘.

As you guys know, I am a massive lover of books which is why I just had to share her blog with you.

She has an amazing 4,705 views and 1,320 followers which are well and truly deserved because her content is so gripping. She writes reviews on almost every single book that reads (as stated on her home page) which is fantastic because her readers have grown to trust her opinion and her reviews can help them decided whether or not they will enjoy the book themselves.

Her reviews are always so thorough which makes them incredibly reliable as she always explains why she feels the way does. A reader doesn’t want ‘I don’ t like it’ … they want to know why you didn’t like it and they want to know what moments stood out for you and she does that.

She doesn’t just do reviews either. She shares her reading goals, has a top 5 Wednesday series and keeps you up to date with all the new releases. Her blog is truly sent from the heavens for anybody out there who is part of the book-loving community and her passion for what she does really comes through with her posts.

I’m sorry this post is really short, I was hoping to get a little quote from the lovely lady herself but I was silly and messaged her quite late which meant she hasn’t gotten back to me yet but when she does, I shall edit the post and let you know what she says.

I’ve linked all her socials below and you should head over to show her some love.

Twitter – @Britthebookguru

Goodreads – Brittany Lamb

I hope you guys like the series, let me know below and comment if you have any suggestions.


Planning my novel.

Hey m’lovelies,

So today I wanted to talk to you a little about my novel. I’ve briefly mentioned before that I recently started writing my novel again and I’m not going to tell you too much about it because I do plan on eventually sharing it with you guys but I don’t want to keep it totally private either. I thought rather than going into detail about the plot and characters (bar names), I would go through my planning instead because that would allow you guys to see my writing process.

I started by doing a character profile for all four of my main characters which are Angela, David, Katie and Dale because I wanted to make sure that I knew the characters like the back of my hand. I find that when I know my characters well that it is very easy for me to get into the mindset of that character, which means I can make them very realistic. I write down their age, surname, partner, parents and then write a little paragraph about their backstory which would also include their traits.


Once I had completed the character profiles I decided to do a plot summary page which contained all the major details and I then did a very brief description of each chapter which meant that I had a guideline for each one. It’s good to make sure that you know where you’re going with your story because it is easy to become stuck in the rut of writers’ block but having a plan means you have a rough idea even when your brain is being a dick.


I will give you guys a very brief description of the novel but I’m not going into detail. It is about a young boy called David who is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and is horrifically bullied as a result. I have decided to tell the story from his girlfriends’ point of view as I wanted to show it from a different perspective than you would usually expect.

When I had finished the brief description of each chapter I decided to do a full-on chapter plan which meant that I listed everything I wanted to include in that chapter to make sure I didn’t miss out any important details when writing it. After that was completed, I decided to do a mood board of one of the central locations in my novel which is Angela’s bedroom and I did this because I write better descriptions when I have a visual image to work from. It was quick and easy to do but it was also a lot of fun and incredibly helpful.



I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I’m sorry I couldn’t give much away but I promise you that I will soon. Are you guys working on any cool projects? let me know in the comments below.


Creating realistic characters.

Hey m’lovelies,

Today’s post is going to be for all you writers out there that want to be able to create realistic characters in your pieces.

Creating characters isn’t easy to begin with and it certainly isn’t easy making them believable to an audience by hopefully this post will give you some pointers.

My first pointer for you guys is to give your characters both good and bad traits or maybe even weird traits. Nobody is all good or all bad in this world and your characters shouldn’t be either, even if they are the protagonist. If your character is one dimensional then they will appear boring to your audience which is something you really don’t want.

This leads me on to my next point which is to base your character loosely of people you know. That doesn’t mean make them exactly the same as the person but just take some of their traits and give them to your character. This will make them seem more realistic as a lot of your readers will identify with them.

I personally find that creating character profiles before you start writing your piece allows you to really get to know your character before you put them on paper. Write down their age, date of birth, physical appearance, relationships with any other characters and any little details about them that you think could be relevant. That will make your characters consistent as you will know them like the back of your hand.

Finally, have fun with them! These are your characters and you can do whatever you like with them. People love those quirky and funny characters.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful! Comment some of your quirky characters below! I’d love to hear all about them.


My new year goals and how I plan to keep them.

Hey M’lovelies,

The new year is the perfect time to set goals so that you can improve your happiness and make your life easier in the future, but the first mistake people make is setting goals that they know that they are not going to keep. Resolutions should be something you can have complete control over no matter what situation you are in. It is no good going ‘in 2019 … I am going get my dream job’ or ‘in 2019 … I’m going to find my dream guy/girl’ because you can try your hardest to do both of those things (applying for jobs, going on dates …) but they come down fate at the end of the day. However, that’s not to say those can’t happen as a result of all your hard.

I would like to share my new year goals with you and how I plan to keep them. I really believe that everybody can keep their goals as long as they are realistic and can be easily be integrated into your everyday life so it won’t seem like such a huge change.

My first goal of 2019 is to drink more water because I know that is one of the biggest faults I have when it comes to maintaining my health. I generally only drink coffee throughout the day and while it is the best thing on the planet, it is incredibly dehydrating which is why I need to add water to make sure I stay hydrated. My skin, hair and general health are being affected by my dehydration, and so I have made it my goal to start drinking at least 1 litre of water per day (building up the amount I drink slowly). I plan to do this by having a glass in the morning and with every meal throughout the day but I will also keep a bottle with me at all times. I will add squash into my bottle if I am finding it difficult drink (due to blandness) and even though it won’t be pure water, it will still be hydrating.

My second goal of 2019 is to start eating breakfast which has so many benefits but I stupidly don’t do. It will improve my concentration and give me more energy throughout the day which will make my daily tasks feel like less of a chore, but this is something I will have to build up to doing on a daily basis. I will start by eating a small bowl of cereal on the weekends as I generally wake up a bit later then and my stomach can handle food better later but when I’ve gotten used that, I shall increase how often I eat until it’s a daily occurrence.

Another goal I have is to do a little workout each day to help myself get into a better physical and mental state. I’ll start by doing 15 sit-ups, 10 squats and 10 crunches every morning until I feel ready to increase the amount do and include some other exercises as well. Exercise has been proven to release dopamine which can help keep people in a good mental state which is going mean that I lead a happier and healthy life.

My final goal for the year is to read more because I haven’t been doing as much should’ve recently and I want to have loads of new books to review for you guys. I will start by ensuring that I read 3 chapters before each night because not only does it mean I can get through a book at a reasonable pace but it will also help fall asleep.

My advice for those of you who have set goals is to take it slow and build up to it rather than jumping from 0 to 100 at once because it will seem way harder than it needs to be if you do it that way.

I hope you have and enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your new years goals in the comment section below.


With you

The best moments in life, are spent with you.

Your head on my chest,

eyes closed as you rest,

breathing so peacefully.

Your hands around my waist as you pull me close.

Laughing, as I push you away,

Telling you off for that cheeky kiss on the neck.

When I’m curled up in your arms,

your hands running through my hair,

Everything feels like it’s falling into place,

Everything feels right.

Those moments when you look at me and smile,

Out of the blue,

My heart warms and my stomach flutters,

Like butterflies on the lose.

Those are the best moments.

The moments I look forward to.

The moments I cherish.

The moments … I’ll never forget.