High-end makeup products – Are they worth it?

As an avid youtube watcher and Instagram user, I’ve always noticed that the more well know makeup artists/gurus all seem to consistently talk up high-end brands and rarely focus on the more affordable products.

If we are lucky we will get the odd ‘full face of drugstore’ or ‘drugstore starter kit’. They do this so they appear to be being inclusive but let’s be real … they aren’t

99% of us would never be able to afford high-end products on a regular basis and if we get the chance to treat ourselves to the odd expensive product … it takes a good bit of our monthly budget away; most people can’t afford to risk that.

I decided to try some of the more popular products to see what all of the fuss is about and to find out for myself if you get more when you spend more.

For those of you wondering, I bought all of the products mentioned when they were on sale and the purchasing of the products was very staggered; meaning they were not bought all at once … some were bought a year or so apart

Disclaimer – I do not get sent any PR and I am yet to have any sponsorships so I have zero affiliations with the brands mentioned. I am in no way saying that drugstore products are affordable for everyone … they are often still well out of peoples price range. Remember, everybody’s experience with products are very different and this is purely based off mine.

I decided to focus mainly on base and brow products because they seem to be the category most people deem worth splurging on.

Benefit Goof-Proof Brow Pencil – I really did not understand the hype around this product. The product itself was smooth and did apply evenly but it was impossible to get a defined brow with this because the point was just too big. If you have thicker and bolder brows then I can see how this might work but I personally have smaller brows; even when I cleaned it up with concealer it just ended up looking like a brow tint gone wrong.

I will just stick with my NYX Micro-brow Pencil – £8 vs £22.50

Urban Decay Stay Naked FoundationNow this was a great foundation, I can’t ever say that it wasn’t. I have very dry skin and even though this foundation has a matte finish … it did not make me look like a flakey mess. The coverage was a solid medium and it really looked like skin.

However, it is certainly not my favourite foundation and I know for a fact that there are plenty of amazing Matte foundations that people with oily skin love from the drugstore.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless is always a winner – £5.99 vs £31(!)

Smashbox Primeriser – This is one I had to try because it is probably the one I have heard the most people talk about. I am here to tell you that this feels like nothing but a gimmick to me!

It feels nice to apply and that is about it. Once it absorbs into your skin it does absolutely nothing in my opinion. It does nothing to prolong the wear of your makeup and It leaves you feeling no more hydrated that you were before; you’re better off slapping on your everyday moisturiser and calling it a day.

If you want a good primer for dry skin then the NYX Honey Dew Me Up primer is far better and it is half the price – £15 vs £30.

Too Faced Born This Way Multi-use Sculpting Concealer – This concealer was not bad! The only major issue that I had with it was that it drew attention to the fine lines in the corner of my eyes.

The coverage was fantastic and you do get a lot more than you do in your standard concealer; you get 15ml which means that the pricing per ml works out just slightly more expensive than your average drugstore concealer.

It is going to last you a long time but nobody can really afford to splurge the amount it costs at once. You’d be better of getting a drugstore concealer and just replacing it sooner than you would the two faced one – you would be spending roughly the same in long run and the cost would be spread out of a period of months instead of at once.

My personal favourite is the Maybelline Age-Rewind but there are loads of good drugstore concealers out there.

So to sum up … NO. From my experience, It really is not worth it and the likelihood is that the more expensive products get promoted more by online influencers for the ‘look at me’ factor or because that is what they get sent more of in PR.

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