My Top Beauty YouTubers

Hey M’lovelies,

I am back! I do apologise for my time away but everything has been a little bit manic for me recently. It has been assignment season in uni and so that has basically consumed my life over the last few weeks.

Now, I wanted to talk to you guys about who, in my opinion, are the best beauty youtubers to watch. I know that I have learnt a lot about make-up through YouTube and I know many others have to. However, I have come to notice that not all of them have very realistic tutorials for real life make-up.

The people in this post are in here because they either do more realistic make-up or they have insanely trustworthy opinions on products.


I have put Tati in here because I have never come across another youtuber that turns down so many sponsorships and will openly tell her veiwers that her reviews will be biased when it comes to her friends. That type of honesty Just makes me put my complete faith in her. Tati’s make-up is also generally more wearable too and she is very inclusive when it comes to products for different skin types. Tati also likes to make sure products are also going to be good for your skin so the products she mentions, more often than not, will be fragrance free and not contain any damaging ingredients.


The queen of foundation herself. Nobody will be able to give you a more in-depth review of any foundation than Taylor. I swear she has reviewed almost every foundation on the market. She is probably one of the most qualified people tell you anything you want to know about foundation as she has had both oily and dry skin (as a result of accutane) and therefore knows what works for both. She has her series ’15 days of foundation’ and ‘Foundation Friday’ which means that if you’re considering buying a new foundation, she’ll give you the low-down before you do.

Allie Glines

Oh what can I say about Allie! She is an absolute dream to watch. I love her because her main focus is making the skin look as flawless as you can with as minimal product as you can. This means that she doesn’t cake herself in layers of foundation and therefore, whatever make-up looks she does are going to look just as flattering in person as they do on camera. She is also ha quite a fair skin tone and so you pale people out there (me!) can get some gorgeous make-up looks from her.

Christen Dominique

Christen is such a fun watch and her videos are certainly gonna have you full coverage girls covered (see what I did there! Yeah, I hate me too). She loves to go full on glam but that’s not to say she doesn’t do the odd natural make-up tutorial. I find her channel to be a great source of inspiration when I’m going on a night out as I can always rely on her eyes looks. Her product recommendations are always on point and flatter almost all skin types.

Wayne Goss

you know those problems with your make-up that happen every time but you just don’t know why?? Well if you wanna know how to fix it … This guy has the Goss (I’m sorry … I’ll stop). There has never been a make-up problem of mine I haven’t been able to solve by looking up Wayne’s videos. His videos are very short as well which means that if you need know how to fix it and quick, he has got your back. What I love the most about Wayne is that he is all about enhancing what you have rather than hiding it. The more natural the better which is something I swear by.

Yeah so they are the guys I watch the most, I’m going to have all their links just below. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and comment below what you think of my suggestions or if you have any of your own.




Christen -


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