Planning my novel.

Hey m’lovelies,

So today I wanted to talk to you a little about my novel. I’ve briefly mentioned before that I recently started writing my novel again and I’m not going to tell you too much about it because I do plan on eventually sharing it with you guys but I don’t want to keep it totally private either. I thought rather than going into detail about the plot and characters (bar names), I would go through my planning instead because that would allow you guys to see my writing process.

I started by doing a character profile for all four of my main characters which are Angela, David, Katie and Dale because I wanted to make sure that I knew the characters like the back of my hand. I find that when I know my characters well that it is very easy for me to get into the mindset of that character, which means I can make them very realistic. I write down their age, surname, partner, parents and then write a little paragraph about their backstory which would also include their traits.


Once I had completed the character profiles I decided to do a plot summary page which contained all the major details and I then did a very brief description of each chapter which meant that I had a guideline for each one. It’s good to make sure that you know where you’re going with your story because it is easy to become stuck in the rut of writers’ block but having a plan means you have a rough idea even when your brain is being a dick.


I will give you guys a very brief description of the novel but I’m not going into detail. It is about a young boy called David who is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and is horrifically bullied as a result. I have decided to tell the story from his girlfriends’ point of view as I wanted to show it from a different perspective than you would usually expect.

When I had finished the brief description of each chapter I decided to do a full-on chapter plan which meant that I listed everything I wanted to include in that chapter to make sure I didn’t miss out any important details when writing it. After that was completed, I decided to do a mood board of one of the central locations in my novel which is Angela’s bedroom and I did this because I write better descriptions when I have a visual image to work from. It was quick and easy to do but it was also a lot of fun and incredibly helpful.



I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I’m sorry I couldn’t give much away but I promise you that I will soon. Are you guys working on any cool projects? let me know in the comments below.