My Morning Routine

Hey m’lovelies,

I’ve finally got myself into a good morning routine and I thought I may as well share it with you guys!

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those routines you see on youtube where they get up super early and drink the healthiest smoothie you can think of before going for their morning run … nope. This is going to be a lots of coffee, turning my alarm off 15 times and sitting on my bed contemplating life kind of routine.

I start my morning by turning off my 7am alarm and rolling out of bed 45 minutes later.  Now, it may take me a little while to get out of the bed but I do still get out of bed at a decent time which puts me in a better mood as I feel like I’m getting the most out of my day. I make my bed straight away to make sure that I do not get back into because I know that once I’ve put the effort into making it, I don’t want to get back in.

Once that is sorted, I go straight into the kitchen and make myself my first (of many) coffee of the day before heading straight back into my room. I generally grab whatever book I am reading at the time and sit down with my coffee for half an hour and just spend the time reading, putting myself in a good mood for the day.

When I’ve finished my coffee and reading I head into my bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, using my Superdrug face wash (fancy … right?) which I love because it really hydrates my skin and the mint scent really wakes me up.

After this, I head back into my room and pull out my skincare bag. I love to use ‘Simple’ products for my skincare so I apply their moisturizer and eye cream and wait half an hour for the products to skin in before I apply my make-up. I’m not going to go into detail about my make-up routine because that is a separate post to come.

While I wait, I head to my wardrobe to pick out the days outfit which is usually a jumper and a pair of jeans, because you can never go wrong with casual, and then I pack my bag ready for when I eventually head out.

In an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, I now include eating breakfast in my morning routine but it is the last thing I do as my stomach cannot handle food first thing but I’m not going to lie and say this is a daily thing because it isn’t. I eat it when I feel like I can. If I have breakfast, I generally have ‘Special K Red Berries’ because it is healthy, delicious and not too heavy on the stomach.

Well, that is everything for my morning routine. I’m sorry it isn’t the most exciting in the world but I figured it would give you guys a little bit more of an insight into my daily life. I hope you guys have an enjoyed and please comment below if you have a little morning routine of your own or have any ideas on how I could improve mine.