My quick and easy Make-up tips.

Hey m’lovelies,

I’m going start off by saying that anything listed below is just what I like to do with my make-up and skin. They are not going to work for everybody as everybody has a different skin type and their own personal preference but should they work for you, I truly believe they will be a game changer (if you don’t already do them.)

I’m going jump right in and I hope you guys will find them helpful.


1. Use eyeshadow on your lash line.

 I know winged eye-liner is popular these days but this is for those of us that don’t wear it or for those more natural make-up days. Take an angled brush and coat it with brown eyeshadow, then run it along your upper lash line as close to the lashes as you can get. This is going to make your eyes appear bigger and your lashes look thicker which is something I personally love the look of and need. I do this every day because it is quick, easy to do and has an amazing effect. I’ve added a photo to the bottom of the post so that you can see what I mean 

2. Use a sponge to sheer your foundation.

I personally don’t like my foundation to be very heavy coverage but I buy heavy coverage foundations anyway for when I go on nights out. However, I do not want to be wasting money and 2 different foundations which is why I sheer the higher coverage one out instead. I start by placing very small ( and I mean very small) dots of the foundation around my face and then using a sponge to blend those dots out. Use no more than a pump and a half for your entire face  The sponge will blend it smoothly but also soak up any extra foundation leaving you with light coverage but beautiful looking skin.

3. Look up!

It can be very difficult to find the crease when it comes to eye shadow sometimes but if you tilt your head and look up, you should see the shadow perfectly. This is going to make it so you know exactly where to put the shadow and make it quicker to do as you won’t be spending loads of time trying to find the right angle. Obviously, everybody has different eye shapes and this may not work for everybody but it should for the majority of you.

4. Stop skipping your skin care.

 I used to find myself wondering why my make-up wasn’t sitting properly on my skin when it usually did but I quickly realised it only happened on days when I skipped my skincare. The whole point of skincare is to get your skin to its most beautiful self which then makes it the perfect base for make-up. If you have dry skin, like I do, and you forget to put your moisturiser on then your foundation is going to let you know about it.

5. Stipple your brush on spots.

 Circular motions with your brush when it comes to covering spots is just going to blend it away. You want to take a good coverage concealer and a dense brush then stipple the product on the area of concern because that is going to blend the product but keep the coverage in the area you want it.

6. Go a brow shade lighter.

 This is only if you want incredibly natural looking eyebrows. Going the same shade as your hair will still give you amazing looking eyebrows that look natural but it can sometimes look a bit harsh on the face. Going a shadow lighter will look more natural and flatter you more because your eyebrow hairs are normally lighter than the hair on your head anyway.


I hope you guys have found this post helpful because I know that I would’ve when I first started wearing make-up.

Do you guys have any tips of your own? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out.





4 thoughts on “My quick and easy Make-up tips.

  1. Great tips! I’ve been wearing makeup for a lengthy time, but only recently started a skincare routine in addition to it. Boy, does it work wonders!


  2. Awesome post! These are definitely good, fast tips that anyone trying to familiarize themselves with a makeup routine could use ☺


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