My new year goals and how I plan to keep them.

Hey M’lovelies,

The new year is the perfect time to set goals so that you can improve your happiness and make your life easier in the future, but the first mistake people make is setting goals that they know that they are not going to keep. Resolutions should be something you can have complete control over no matter what situation you are in. It is no good going ‘in 2019 … I am going get my dream job’ or ‘in 2019 … I’m going to find my dream guy/girl’ because you can try your hardest to do both of those things (applying for jobs, going on dates …) but they come down fate at the end of the day. However, that’s not to say those can’t happen as a result of all your hard.

I would like to share my new year goals with you and how I plan to keep them. I really believe that everybody can keep their goals as long as they are realistic and can be easily be integrated into your everyday life so it won’t seem like such a huge change.

My first goal of 2019 is to drink more water because I know that is one of the biggest faults I have when it comes to maintaining my health. I generally only drink coffee throughout the day and while it is the best thing on the planet, it is incredibly dehydrating which is why I need to add water to make sure I stay hydrated. My skin, hair and general health are being affected by my dehydration, and so I have made it my goal to start drinking at least 1 litre of water per day (building up the amount I drink slowly). I plan to do this by having a glass in the morning and with every meal throughout the day but I will also keep a bottle with me at all times. I will add squash into my bottle if I am finding it difficult drink (due to blandness) and even though it won’t be pure water, it will still be hydrating.

My second goal of 2019 is to start eating breakfast which has so many benefits but I stupidly don’t do. It will improve my concentration and give me more energy throughout the day which will make my daily tasks feel like less of a chore, but this is something I will have to build up to doing on a daily basis. I will start by eating a small bowl of cereal on the weekends as I generally wake up a bit later then and my stomach can handle food better later but when I’ve gotten used that, I shall increase how often I eat until it’s a daily occurrence.

Another goal I have is to do a little workout each day to help myself get into a better physical and mental state. I’ll start by doing 15 sit-ups, 10 squats and 10 crunches every morning until I feel ready to increase the amount do and include some other exercises as well. Exercise has been proven to release dopamine which can help keep people in a good mental state which is going mean that I lead a happier and healthy life.

My final goal for the year is to read more because I haven’t been doing as much should’ve recently and I want to have loads of new books to review for you guys. I will start by ensuring that I read 3 chapters before each night because not only does it mean I can get through a book at a reasonable pace but it will also help fall asleep.

My advice for those of you who have set goals is to take it slow and build up to it rather than jumping from 0 to 100 at once because it will seem way harder than it needs to be if you do it that way.

I hope you have and enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your new years goals in the comment section below.