A Gift Guide For Him

Hey m’lovelies.

This post is a particularly exciting for me as it is my collab and it would like to thank the wonderful Alana ( for giving me this amazing opportunity.

This is mainly for the girls out there because lord knows that boys are a giant pain in the ass to buy for. I’ve grown up with 3 borthers and I have a boyfriend but I stll can’t seem to figure out what they want for birthday’s and christmas’. I’ve tried to keep the list quite general because I don’t want to generalise or stereotype males because I know everybody is diffrent.

now I’m going to stop rambling and get into the list.

1. Aftershave/Perfume 

People enjoy being well-presented which involves smelling great and nothing makes a man smell better than their favourite aftershave/perfume. Ladies, let’s face it, buying something to make your man smell heavenly is a present for you too. I took my boyfriend to test a few recently and there was a few contenders but ‘David Beckham Homme’ is a great cheap option. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more expensive then ‘Paco Rabanne One Million’ is a fantastic choice.

2. A Shaving Starter Kit

This is aimed at the younger ones who are just starting to shave or the guys who want to keep their beard under control. Get them a good quality razor that isn’t going to harm their skin and some shaving gel that is going reduce the chance of shaving rash.

3. Clothes

This one is a no brainer. You can not go wrong with getting some clothes from their favourite brand because you can never have enough clothes but be sure to get second opions and the correct size.

4. Headphones

Everyone needs a pair of good quality headphones in their life as they can totally transform the music experience. You could also get a pair that comes doubled as a mic for when they’re playing the PlayStation or XBOX.

5. A wallet

A new wallet always goes down a treat. From one I’ve seen, black leather ones have become popular recently and so you can guarentee they’d be greatful for a good quality one.

6. Tickets

Take them to see their favourite band or team play. Going to a concert or game is a memory that will always stay with them and it is often a once in a lifetime experience.

7. A Mini-Holiday

A romantic weekend away can benefit eveyone. It’s a chance for you and your partner to get away and spend some time with just the pair of you. Every couple needs that evey now and then.

8. Gaming Accesories

Make their gaming experience even more fun by getting them some accesories to customise their systems, a headseat, a custome mouse … that sort of thing.

9. A watch

A snazzy watch is always an amazing edition to a look and as a child, my father had an extensive watch collection that he took great pride in. Every man wants something to feel proud of and take pride in which is why a watch never goes a miss.

10. Biker Gear

This one is a little bit more specific because bikes are not eveyones cup of tea but for those who love it then a new jacket or helement would be appreciated for sure and it helps to keep them save … win!

I haven’t made this list too specific because I want it to appeal to the majority of people. That way people can manipulate the list and the ideas on it to fit their loved ones preferences, everyone can find something from it.

Don’t forget to head over to Alanas post and follow her instagram.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and found it helpful.




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