My November Favourites

Hey m’lovelies.

Well, December is approaching quickly and I thought that I would share the things I have been loving this month with you guys. I honestly can’t believe we are going into the last month of 2018, this year has just gone so incredibly fast and so much has changed in my life; I’ve got an amazing boyfriend, rebranded my blog, got into the uni I wanted to and made some amazing friends along the way.

If you guys have used any of the products mentioned below then please let me know your experiences with them and what you thought of my list … enjoy.


I’m not usually one to boast about beauty gurus but I am a make-up fan and like to learn more about it. Generally youtubers annoy me but Tati really drew me in and my fondness for her channel grew with her recent video on the James Charles’ palette as she was so open to her viewers about it being a biased video. It reassured me that I can always trust her opinion and it showed her integrity as honesty like that is something very rarely seen these days

Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 17.19.04.png


Activia Pro-Biotic Yoghurt

These have worked absolute wonders on my stomach. I often suffered with an unsettled stomach that would bubble (… you could hear it a mile away) and cramp but the yoghurts settled it almost immediately. I have one a day after dinner which makes a delicious deserts and it’s good for me … win!


Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

I always get complimented when I wear this perfume! It’s difficult to describe  but it’s basically that perfume that reminds you of how your mum smells when she’s going out. Everybody knows what I’m talking about here. Mums always bring out that one perfume that makes you notice they’re going out, it makes you stop and say “oh you smell good. going anywhere nice?”. The perfume we all dream of owning when we are an adult because it smells so grown up and feminine … this is that perfume.  It is a sweet smell but not to overpowering at the same time and thankfully it is strong so you don’t have to use a lot of it, making it last so much longer.



Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

I’ve been using this the entire month and my skin has certainly thanked me for it. I use the shade 0.5 which when blended into my neck looks like it matches perfectly as the finish is so natural. It applies very smoothly using a sponge(my preferred application method) and does not sink into pores or cling into dry patches which for me, is a dream come true because my nose and chin are very dry.

I’m not putting an image of this one  because I want people to find the entire shade range online and so I have linked it here.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Following on nicely from the previous item … this spray is magic. Usually  I think that sprays are just a money grabbing scheme but this one really does make your make up last. I have taken naps with a full face of make up on and it’s not budge thanks to this! magic in a bottle.



I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and try some of these products. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “My November Favourites

  1. I love Tati as well! I feel like she’s very honest about products and she also stays clear of drama that often goes down in the beauty community on Youtube. I personally couldn’t vibe with the Urban Decay Naked Foundation 😦 I got the same shade as you but I generally like to wear low coverage foundations and that one just didn’t work for me 😭 I’m so glad it did for you, though! The setting spray is truly amazing. It has an odd smell but other than that, it’s great!


    1. She does exactly that!! I’ve never seen anyone be so honest and when her views may be slightly biased … she says it!!! And ahh damn! It’s a shame it didn’t work for you. The shade is too dark for me personally but not dark enough that i can’t get away with it. I love a low coverage myself which is why I apply the smallest amount in dots around my face and then bled it out with a sponge as it soaks up the excess then!. That spray is sent from the heavens to keep my face on all day!! Xx

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      1. Sometimes I’m shocked that she doesn’t have as many followers as some of the mainstream beauty gurus, especially since she’s such an honest reviewer and has been around a while. I tend to mix a BB cream or even a foundation gel from bareMinerals and mix it into a high coverage foundation if I’m going to use one. I think that the shade was a bit too light for me so that mixed with the formula sitting in my dry skin a bit too much just caused me to give it up /: I really wanted to like it though. The spray is definitely great. Have you ever tried the Milani Make It Last setting spray? It’s only $10 and it works a lot like the All Nighter spray!


      2. Honestly same here!! And I wish I could do that but bb creams just hate my skin for some reason 😂😂 and I’m insanely pale so I struggle anyway! Hahaha and no I’ve never tried that! I will have to hunt for it xx

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