The Autumn Tag

Hey guys! I decided I was going to do the Autumn tag this week and I’m not sure who started the tag, but it was influenced by It seemed like a really fun post to do and I hope you all enjoy.

1. Describe your feelings of Autumn rain in three words.

 Peaceful, relaxing and beautiful. 

2. Which 2 things tell you that the Autumn season has begun?

 The up and down weather and woolen jumpers!

3. What are your plans for the Autumn season?

 Lots of uni work and spending way too much money (that I don’t have) on jumpers.

4. silent night or windy ones? what do you love more about the Autumn?

 It all depends on the day with me and how relaxed I feel at the time. 

5. Cold rain or heavy fog. What do you enjoy more?

 Heavy fog for sure! I’m a Welsh girl and could always do with a break from the rain.

6. What three things you love about the season?

 Jumpers, Halloween and my birthday. 

7. What three things you hate about the season?

Less daylight, SAD (seasonal adjustment depression) and muddy pavements. 

8. Share your best memory for the Autumn season?

 My 18th birthday. One of my nearest and dearest friends Lauren came down from Bristol to surprise me at a party my friends had thrown for me. I love her to pieces and will never forget the moment she came in carrying my cake. 

9. What is your favorite scent for the Autumn season?

 The seasonal coffee drink. Always. 

10. What is your favorite autumn movie?

Good Will Hunting. 

11. What’s the most beautiful thing about the fallen leaves?

The variety of colour and how pretty it makes the ground look.

12. Do you enjoy movies in the bed or near the fire?

Near the fire for sure. But as long as I am cuddled up to a loved one.

13. In the autumn, what do you enjoy most with your partner?

Walking in my local park because it’s so pretty.

14. Do you ever go for the hiking in autumn? If yes, how was the experience?

Sadly, I have never been hiking.

15. Have you ever gone for apple picking?

 I haven’t but I really want to. 

16. What is the best way to enjoy the rain of autumn season?

 Stay inside, get into bed with a book and drink lots of coffee.

17. What is your favourite Autumn colour?

Orange because it’s the warmest.

18. Autumn or winter? What do you like the most?

I prefer the colour scheme of Autumn but the general feel of winter. 

19. Autumn or spring. In your opinion, what’s more romantic?

Autumn for sure! There’s way more beautiful walks to go on.

20. What is your favourite dress code for the Autumn season?

A pair of jeans, over-sized woolen jumper and a pair of boots. 

21. Do you believe that the Autumn season should be the wedding season?

I don’t think there should be a wedding season. Get married when it feels right to you. 

22. What are your most likes drink in the Autumn season?

Coffee, naturally.

23. Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? If yes, so how was the experience?

I have! it was so much fun but the pumpkin looked awful. 

24. Do you like baking in the autumn season?

I love baking. No matter what the season and I recently made Nutmeg cookies.

25. Halloween or Thanksgiving. Which one is your favourite day? (For the people in UK, you can change thanksgiving with the Harvest Festival)

I’m in the UK and I love Halloween. It became a tradition for me and my best friend to meet up every year and go trick or treating.

26. Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie. What’s your favourite?

Hands down apple. I have never been a fan of pumpkin.

27. October or November? What’s your favourite month in the autumns?

October because my birthday and Halloween are in it. 

28. In the Autumn, do you love traveling or enjoying the season at home?

 Home sweet home. I have never really done much traveling. 





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